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Having stumbled into the world of lions, Andi realised that she had found her life's purpose. She could not walk away.
Caring for lions who already exist in captivity has become her day to day work. She has built a safe and beautiful sanctuary which offers lifetime care for lions in the most dignified and respectful manner possible.
Further to this, her passion is to end all breeding of big cats in captivity for purposes of commercial use and human ego. She is vehemently opposed to the creation of more wild animals to live lives behind fences.
With her partner Line Risa, Andi is setting up a 2nd sanctuary which will also be able to rescue, rehabilitate and release other African Wildlife. This is the wilder and larger version of Love Lions Alive Sanctuary which the two ladies currently run. 

The next 2 projects are:

1- The Podcast LION QUIRKS is a talk show about everything and anything relating to lions. Andi and Line will interview other lion quirks, from sanctuary owners to scientists to legislation makers. This is a podcast of interest to all animal lovers especially those lion quirks out there. It will include amazing anecdotes, interesting lion facts and startling revelations about the world of lions and other big cats

2- SEE ME is a website consisting of a world wide data base of all big cats in captivity. The public are encouraged to get involved with the SEE ME team who will be capturing data about cats in zoos, private collections, circuses etc as well as what rescues are underway, where these lions are being moved to, how they are progressing and what fundraising is being done.

Young orphan lions enjoying an enrichment walk Darted eland bull about to have veterinary treatment Driving the tractor to burn fire breaks Andi cleaning up intestines and stomachs Andi and team lifting a sedated lioness for veterinary treatment Andi showing her volunteers the 'claw' at the tip of a lion's tail
Andi Rive

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